Beware of Over Simplification in UI Design

One of the trends I've noticed in the software world is a drive towards simple User Interfaces. I think in general this is a good thing, as often times UIs are cluttered with too many options, which can overwhelm and confuse the user. Apple and Google are famous for their clean simple UIs. But I wonder if you can take UI simplification too far?


Apple's new Netbook

So the Apple rumor mill is in full swing about an upcoming Apple Netbook. I thought I'd join the fun with my predictions.


Safari Windows uses parts of IE

I just found something odd...if you have Safari Windows installed, apparently it uses IE's proxy settings instead of it's own. If you click Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Change Settings, Safari pops open the IE Internet Options dialog box. Firefox has it's own proxy settings built-in, but apparently Apple decided to use the Windows proxy settings. I guess that's not a bad idea, but it surprises me.

On a whim, I checked how Google's chrome handles proxy settings, and it does the same thing as Safari, it uses the IE settings.

Apple Switch to Windows

John C. Dvorak has an article about the possibility of Apple ditching Mac OS in favor of Windows. He believes there is a distinct possibility, and gives some interesting arguments. For example, "Apple has always said it was a hardware company, not a software company." Does anybody doubt that Apple would make a lot more money if they sold Windows on their sparkly hardware? Sure, they'd seriously offend most of their hard core fans. But tons of people that care about style in the Windows world would love to run a Mac, if it had Windows on it.

Personally I think this is all a bunch of conspiracy theory. And since I'm so cheap, I doubt I'd ever buy a Mac, regardless of what OS it has on it.

Update: Justin pointed out this rebuttal for Dvorak's article.