Honda tests fuel cell car

Honda is the first company to put a fuel cell powered car on the road. But they are still far from mass production. This article describes how Honda is renting the Honda FCX to a family in California for $500/mo. Honda hopes to get better feedback by charging the family for testing the car. Honda even went as far as installing a fueling station near the family's house, but the local fire station won't allow the station to open. So they have to travel to the nearby Honda factory to refuel the FCX. I think this is very promising news, because as many scientists and auto experts are debating the merits of hydrogen powered cars, Honda is taking closer and closer steps to actually having something in production.

I would like to comment on the Honda that youare discussing as you may know cars are my thing but not so my the fuel cell cars anyways there is a guy at my place of work that is developing a hydrogen powered engine, he is trying to make the whole engine out of ceramic mainly the block I guess for better performance this guy is a rally driver in the summer anyways he is on his second attempt the first one failed, just a thought.