National Adoption Month

My wife and I are in the process of adoption. Ray Camden, a well respected figure in the ColdFusion community, has adopted a couple of children. He started a blog a while back to cover adoption news. Today he posted to his regular blog about National Adoption Month. I love to see stuff like this, because for people like my wife and I, adoption is the only option available if we want to have children of our own. I think its sad to see so many pregant women chose to have an abortion, when so many infertile couples would be more than willing to take their child. I am not 100% opposed to abortion, because I feel there are times when it's the best option. But too many people today use it as an easy out for their bad decisions.

I agree. I think people use abortion to cure their "mistakes" and "accidents," instead of taking responsibility. It's rather a cheap shot.

Course, I'm biased. I'm adopted. I wouldn't be here in the States otherwise (I'm assuming). I hope for much luck for you and your wife!! I think adoption is great, so many kids out there need a good home!