Windows Mobile is on drugs

So I have a Motorola Q9c smart phone with Windows Mobile on it. I don't particularly care for the phone, but since my work pays for it, I don't complain much. One of the features that is usually pretty helpful is predictive text in it's mobile version of Outlook. When I am typing, it pops up lists of words that generally have something that fits what I was trying to say. However, sometimes the words suggested are very strange.

For fun, I thought I'd let Windows Mobile write a sentence for me (sort of), and see how it came out. I started the first word, and on occasion I had to type one letter to start the next word, but other than that the entire sentence came from the suggested words and phrases. It came out pretty strange. Here it is:

"I think this early good feedback i'll show snow in and throwing rooms a snowmobile crash crashes into long lost memories."

I'm not very nerdy

I took this test, and only got 25 out of 100 on the nerdy scale. I'd didn't think I was very nerdy, but I do enjoy a few nerdy type things. Click the image below to see how nerdy you are.

I am nerdier than 25% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Real Life Frogger

Cnet's got a story about these guys that modified a roomba vacuum robot to play frogger on the street. Sounds dangerous (for the cars), but I LOVE this idea! :) The story was a bit sketchy on the technical details, but I think the roomba ran on it's own but they were able to send it signals to tell it to go and then come back from the other side. Surprisingly, it actually worked very well.

Sincere Snails

I found this on Google Video tonight.

Ripley is space bound again

Sigourney Weaver asked Richard Branson if she could be one of the first to fly on Virgin's VSS Enterprise. I love this quote from the article, "Quite how the film of the trip will turn out is anyone's guess, although we suspect the finale will involve Ripley - dressed in little more than knickers and vest - blasting Branson out of the airlock and thereby thwarting his dreams of galactic domination."

Linking Policy

I ran accross this blog entry that states a linking policy I'd like to have on my site. All websites must link to mine! :)

User Friendly praises Mozilla, bashes Microsoft

I like to read User Friendly, a geek oriented comic strip. Today's comic is a good one, referencing Mozilla's new Bug bounty program.

Body music!

This is very funny! This guy has a bunch of horns strapped to his body in various locations, and he plays songs with them. The funny part is seeing him bounce his head around (to hit the shoulder horns), or crouch to hit the horns on the back of hos legs! Its a streamed Windows media movie...Body horns.

Free music!

Nope, you don't have to go download Kazaa anymore...just go to your local convenience store, peek at the caps of Pepsi's latest promotional soda's, and see if its a winner. You don't even have to buy the soda, because since the number is clearly visible from the top, you can just lift the promotion code and go get the free song! Here's the technique. From CNet's article, "CNET confirmed that it is not only possible to pick out winning bottles in advance; careful scrutiny can reveal the full 10-digit redemption code, meaning no purchase is required to get a free iTunes single courtesy of Pepsi."
Story from CNET