9 Years of blogging

Today is the anniversary of my first blog entry, on May 21st 2002. This last year my blogging has been pretty horrific, but that's ok. I guess I've kind of lost interest in blogging, but I'll still post on occasion when I have something to share. Here are the stats for my blog:

Total posts: 444
Total comments: 1256
Total page views: 1,109,271
Most popular post: 48,825 views

I'm looking forward to another year of blogging!

Happy Birthday Blog

My blog turns 8 years old today. Wow! That seems like a long time, but I know there are other people out there that started blogs a while before me. I remember when I first started hearing about the term "blog". I ignored it for a few months, and then finally decided to go figure out what "blog" means. I remember thinking that "blog" is a dumb term for what basically seemed like a web journal. The rest is history. :)

I am not a prolific blogger, but I'm not apologizing for that. The way I see it, this is my blog and I don't owe anybody anything for it. If I only post once a month, I'm just hurting myself. So you'll never see me post one of those, "Man...I haven't been posting very often here. Sorry guys!" posts. It is what it is. I post when I want to say something, and when I don't, I don't post. So I generally don't want to say anything. :)

As I always do on my blog anniversary, I'll post some stats*:

Total Number of Entries:438
First Entry:05/21/02
Total Comments:1244
Average Comments Per Entry:2.84
Total Views:919467
Average Views Per Entry:2099.24

Top 10 posts, by page view

JavaScript URL variables40329
JavaScript isNumeric function35882
Obtaining Affected rows from SQL Query18666
Top 10 Crazy Eclipse Plugins11811
Mozilla's answer to Adobe AIR6622
Speed up page loads, defer your JavaScript6271
Comet: Server Push to Browser6171
ColdFusion dynamic variable names6056
What does your name mean?5930
Deselect all items in a Select List5923

*My blog originally was on Blogger (before they were bought by Google). I lost all of the stats from my blog when I converted to BlogCFC. I can't remember when that was exactly, but I think these stats cover at least 4 years, maybe 5 or 6.

7 year blogger

My first blog entry was 7 years ago today. I am very proud of that fact, but I am not proud of the frequency of my posts over the years. I just did the math, and I have averaged 5 posts a month. Not horrible, but not as many as I would have liked. Oh well.

When I first started blogging I had grandiose ideals that I was starting what would eventually become a very popular news site. I mostly blogged about current tech news stories. I was not a ColdFusion programmer back then, so I was not blogging about that yet (while that is my most prolific topic today, however).

As I do every blog anniversary post, here are some stats for the curious:

  • I have been blogging for 2554 days.
  • I have had 1130 comments (actually more than that because I lost a lot when I converted from Blogger a few years ago).
  • I have had 663790 blog views.
  • I have averaged 1596 views per entry.

That last statistic is very surprising. I think it is because I have a few entries that have received a lot of google traffic over the years. For example, these two entries have had about 28,000 views each since they were posted: JavaScript isNumeric function, JavaScript URL variables. So it's not that I have very popular entries, but rather that those few popular entries throw off the average.

Upgraded to BlogCFC 5.9

In record time, I've already got my blog upgraded. Ray just barely release version 5.9 last night. But I had some time today, and I really wanted some of the new features in this release, like the threaded pinging when you post a new entry. So here we are. Thanks Ray!

5 years of blogging

Today marks five years since my very first blog entry, about the openning of Google labs. I originally started blogging with Google's Blogger (wasn't owned by Google back then), and have since moved to Ray Camden's BlogCFC. ColdFusion has been my most common topic, followed by Microsoft (not usually nice things to say about them).

I have been a fairly light blogger, only 315 entries over five years. I always say that I'm going to blog more, but I find I go in spurts. In the end, I guess it doesn't matter because it's my blog, and I only want to blog when I have something interesting to say.

My most viewed post was JavaScript isNumeric function, followed by Obtaining Affected rows from SQL Query.

4 years of blogging

Today marks my 4 year anniversary of blogging. My first post was May 21st, 2002 about the launch of Google Labs. Here are some stats for the truly bored: Total posts: 221 Average posts per day: 0.43 Total comments: 157 That last one is off, though, because I lost all my previous comments when I moved to BlogCFC last October.

I definitely blog a lot more today than I did the first couple of years. Back then it was about 1-2 posts a month, and these days it's 1-3 posts a week.

New poll

I want to know how satisfied you are with your current pay level. I was thinking about this today, because it seems the most people are not satisfied with how much money they make. But I also find that most people either aren't very honest with themselves, or they are ignorant about the job market. I've known a lot of people that don't have a degree or any certifications, and maybe lack experience, but feel they should be making the same amount as people that do have these things. Also, I've known people that don't really care how much money they make because they are very happy doing what they do for a living, and/or they are secure financially. So take a look in my left side content and vote in my new poll.

New poll

I've added a new poll to this blog. This time, I'm curious how many email addresses you currently use. I'm interested in the amount that you use, not counting those that you don't ever check. Of course, some people don't even check their primary email! ;)

New host

Some of you may have noticed that my site was having problems last Thursday-Friday, including cfQuickDocs. I have had reliability problems with that host before, so I decided to take the opportunity to move to a new host. I picked HostMySite, because they are one of the few hosts that do Linux ColdFusion hosting, and they were the cheapest. I am a Linux snob when it comes to web hosting, I believe that web servers are important enough that I don't trust Microsoft's security record. But that discussion is for another post. Anyway, I've been very pleased with my new host, things are faster and more reliable now. And their customer service is top notch. There were a few issues with getting my sites up and running, and they were very quick and helpful.

New Poll

A couple of months ago I built a polling system for this blog, complete with an admin interface. At the time, the best poll question I could think of was, "What's your favorite browser?". Well, I figured I didn't want to waste my efforts, so today I used my fancy polling interface to make a new poll (OK, it's not that fancy, but it's easier than having to manually edit the code like my last poll system). What method do you use to watch TV? Still cheesy, but this kind of stuff is fun for me. :)

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