Don't assume that Netflix has it all

Over the last year or so I have become more and more dissatisfied with Netflix. The problem is not their DVD shipping service, I like that. The problem is their instant streaming service. Many tech journalists will tell you that you can cancel your cable/satellite subscription and just use Netflix. But if you do that, you will be missing many things:
1. Sports.
2. Most TV shows that are on air today.

Not to mention that their movie catalog is very small. If you want to instantly stream a movie, I hope you're content with independent and old moldy films. Because that's mostly what you'll get.

As far as TV shows, Netflix only has SOME of the most popular TV shows. Mythbusters? Nope. Chuck? Only one old season. Anything current (like, released last week?) Forget it.

But I've recently been trying to find the movie/show I want on other services besides Netflix. Amazon has a streaming video service, and I found that they have Mythbusters (and yes, even the current in-progress season!) Youtube also has a service that has some of the content you won't find on Netflix. And there is also Hulu and Vudu (not to mention lots of other lesser known services.) And many of those services are pay as you go (meaning, no monthly just pay for the shows you watch.)

So I have not yet decided to cancel my Netflix subscription, but I may do that soon. And I am planning to cancel my Cable subscription later this year (after the contract runs out.) These services (and the fact that I don't watch much TV nor many movies these days) make that prospect a lot less scary.

So? Any follow-up?

My wife and I cancelled our Netflix subscription as of Oct 1. We are a special case, we went to UVerse which includes TV (via ethernet, just like the phone and internet). However, for the year or more before that, we were active Netflix / Hulu / etc. consumers.

Why cancel? First, to protest the price increase ($16 for what you were selling for $8 earlier? And they lost some contracts so you had even fewer choices? REALLY?). Second, because of the lack of new shows, as you have been finding. Of course, Hulu is having the same problem, the content providers don't want to release the shows too quickly -- 30 days for some SyFy shows, and nothing from CBS.

Just wondering if you ever made a decision, and how it turned out. Even if we didn't get UVerse, we were thinking of cancelling anyway. But there is still no "live sports" option, other than rabbit ears (yes, we have some from our Netflix/Hulu days).
Yes, a lot has changed at my house since I wrote this, mostly in line with what I wrote above. I too was frustrated with the Netflix price increase, but not because I don't want to pay more, it was because I don't think Netflix streaming is worth the price increase. If they had most of what I want to watch, I'd gladly pay an extra $8/mo. But as I said above, they don't have most of what I want. That is gradually changing, they are getting more and more content all the time. But for now, we decided to cancel the streaming subscription and just stick with the DVD service. We don't have any good video rental stores near our house, so Netflix works well for movies.

We also cancelled our Cable subscription, and we bought a Google TV box (the Logitech Revue), and finally we bought a nice antenna. So we're happy with the free over-the-air content, and we supplement that with Amazon streaming (where I get Mythbusters and a few other shows.) The only thing I'm missing at this point is Sports, but I just go to my Dad's house for the occasional game that I'm interested in.