The best CF 10 wishlist

I saw Jason Delmore's new wish list last night, and I think it's the best ever. For one reason. He states that Adobe should release a free version. And he uses all the same reasons I've always used. You might be saying, "What's the big deal? Another CFer saying we need a free version...we've heard it before." But this is different. Jason Delmore is the former Product Manager for ColdFusion, and when he talks more people listen than when the average joe CFer says "please release a free version". As far as I know this is the first time a big name in our community has publicly come out in support of a free version (correct me if I'm wrong). People like Sean Corfield and Ray Camden either don't think we need a free version, or if they do they don't talk about it publicly.

By the way, I like most of the other 9 things on Jason's list as well. But this free version topic is BIG, in my opinion. I hope Adobe listens.

To be's not that I personally want to benefit from this free version. If I wanted that, I'd just use Railo or OpenBD. The problem is that the rest of the web development community is not aware of the free alternatives. The majority of them won't become aware of them UNLESS they first join our community by trying Adobe CF. And they won't even give Adobe a second look because of the huge price tag. I realize there are other reasons that might hold them back, but in my opinion the price tag is the biggest reason that hobbyists continue to ignore CF.

I really don't think it is fair for you to put words in my, or Sean's, mouth. Just because I haven't said X doesn't mean I'm against X. If anyone wants to know my opinion, they are welcome to ask, but do not make assumptions based on any lack of a statement.
I didn't mean to offend anybody Ray, sorry if I did. That is why I said "if they do [think we need a free version] they don't talk about it publicly".
Once again you appear to be trolling..

Like Ray, I find it objectionable that try to put words into my mouth (and this isn't the first time you've done something similar).

Perhaps you forget who I work for? Have you thought about *why* I work for them?

For the record I've said that a free version is not in Adobe's best interest. I said it when I worked at Macromedia. I said it when I worked at Adobe. I've said it since I have been working at Railo. The previous free version of ColdFusion was not successful because it was a cut down version. Remember Express?

With CF9 only production licenses cost money. Development and testing licenses are completely free. Why would Adobe give up the only revenue left for ColdFusion, especially when it is selling so well and at a higher price than ever? (CF8 Enterprise went up $1,500 so it would sell *better* to enterprise customers)
Wow! I guess I need to be more careful. I really didn't think anybody was going to be mad about what I said, but I was clearly wrong. Looking back at my statement about you and Ray, I just stated a fact. You two either don't think Adobe should release a free version (which you just stated yourself), or if you do believe so you don't want to publicly state it. Again, I'm sorry if my statement was inflammatory...I didn't intend it to be. I was just pointing out the fact that most (if not all) of the big names in our community haven't done what Jason did: come out in support of a free version. And I think that is big news. If you guys don't agree with him, that's fine. That's your opinion, and there's nothing wrong with that.
Ray, Sean... come on guys. His comment was just fine, and it sure didn't make me or anyone else think less of you.
There is a free version it's called Railo, I DON'T think Adobe should ever release a free version. CF is a enterprise solution, it has a market that's been clear with Adobe sale on CF8 and CF9.
forget about the free version of adobe cf. want i would like is for them to release cf builder for free :)
I hear ya, Tony. If CF Builder is not free (which I am convinced that it won't be), ColdFusion will be even more of an odd duck. All of the popular web languages either are completely free, or they charge for either the server or the IDE. If Adobe charges for the IDE, they will be the only company that I'm aware of that charges for both.
I'm all for Adobe making a profit and continuing to evolve the product, even if it means charging a heavy price tag. At the end of the day, there needs to be some flow of cash so that the engineers, marketers, and business analysts can be paid. Commercial products have their place, just as free and open source projects do. That being said, I recently brought up the idea of upgrading to CF9 to our IT department, and I got the big N.O. because of (you guessed it) the price. At the end of the day whether to buy or not to buy is a business decision based on the needs and budget of the organization.

Yeah, maybe your opinion should've been pinged first, but in all fairness no one was putting words in either of your mouths.

Much respect for what you do at Railo and for CF Frameworks in general. Anytime the real "trolls" bash CF for the price factor, I always bring up Railo to shut them up.