CFFormProtect 2.1 released

CFFormProtect 2.1 has been released. This new version doesn't have a lot of major new features, mostly bug fixes. One new feature, you can now specify a different config file than the default in the initialization of the CFC. Also, you can how put multiple copies of CFFP into one page (helpful if you have many forms on one page). You can find the new version at the project page.

There were a lot of people that contributed bug fixes and patches, and I don't want to name you all. You know who you are, and thank you. Feel free to drop a comment here to take credit for your work. :)

Hi Jake,

The custom config file is a great addition. This should allow for a mapped version of the code instead of physically copying it to every website. Much appreciated!

Is it possible to add the version number to the source code? I have a couple of old copies and I never know which one I am working with, so I end up downloading a new copy and running a diff on the two copies.


Your instructions in the new release do not specify that you MUST instantiate the cffp object on the form page. If you don't do that, the generates an error: cffp.configFile does not exist

I resolved this problem by adding the createObject call above the cfinclude on the form page.