CFQuickDocs and ColdFusion 9 docs?

I have had a few people ask me if I am going to update CFQuickDocs to include ColdFusion 9 tags and function documentation. The quick answer depends. ;)

It will all depend on the pricing for Adobe CFBuilder. Unless I've missed it, Adobe hasn't announced whether or not CFBuilder will be free. If it is free, I will probably not update CFQuickDocs. Why? Because I think CFBuilder has awesome built-in tag/function documentation. You can put your cursor on any tag or function and then hit F1, and it will quickly bring up documentation for that tag/function. In my opinion, this makes CFQuickDocs redundant.

That said, I realize that not all CF developers like and will use CFBuilder (there seems to be a lot of hatred for Eclipse out there, for some reason). Personally I love Eclipse. But I understand that a lot of people think it's bloated and slow. However, I challenge you to find a full fledged IDE on par with Eclipse and Visual Studio that doesn't seem a bit bloated and slow. There is a LOT going on under those covers! :)

Back to the main subject...if I do decide not to update CFQuickDocs, I will be asking for community help. If there is some kind soul out there that would be willing to put the man hours into creating the database records for CF9 docs, I'd be more than happy to work with them on updating CFQuickDocs. I will always leave up and running as long as people keep using it.

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I hope you update it. I use Eclipse, but I'd much rather use CFQuickDocs (or some other browser-based viewer) that something within the Eclipse environment itself.
One thing I wasn't thinking about when I wrote this is how you can type "cfq" in CFQuickDocs and get back a list of tags that start with those letters. I couldn't find anything similar in CFBuilder. In-fact, searching for "cfq" doesn't work either. :\
I agree, I would love to see an update. I haven't had as good of luck with F1, and as other commenter's said partial searches (or listings by category) are much better in cfquickdocs
I don't use Builder and would like to continue using CFQuickDocs for, erm, quick reference of CF docs. :-) The beauty of this is just having to type in the first few letters to get what you're looking for. As CF gets more features it becomes even tougher to know everything about every tag/function so this helps.
I use HomeSite, UltraEdit and PrimalScript. At times I utilize Notepad++
I use Dreamweaver and regularly use CFQuickDocs for help in my understanding of different ColdFusion tags and functions. Thanks for this site and hope ColdFusion 9 will be included.
Just another vote to please update it for CF9. I often use the category filters to find a function or tag when I can't remember (or don't know) the exact name.
But you have to already know the tag to press the F1. Your categories help discover tags. CF Builder doesn't always show code completions - not sure why -

I vote for CF 9 update.
Another vote for updating Homesite+ - going on what, a decade old now? It's still easier to use than either DW or CFBuilder.