Interesting ColdFusion "Feature"

I accidentally found something that works in ColdFusion, but I won't recommend that any of you use this. "Don't try this at home, Kids!" :)

This code works:

Math does make sense...

My Math teachers LIED to me!!

That would output the first sentence, "Math does make sense". I found this on accident, I wasn't trying to put "not not" in there, but it also makes sense that CF would not choke on this. Two negatives make a positive, right? :)

Update: Ed found a bug in my code, and I fixed it. Oops! :)

It's nothing weird that "not not" will negate each other so you will get as result the result of your other expressions. BUT!!!!! that code will not work. You probably should have "1 eq 1" instead of "1=1" :)
Ha ha ha! That's what I get for writing code in a blog and not testing it. :D