Google Chrome: My First Take

I installed Google Chrome, Google's new browser. My first impression is that it's very plain. I don't expect this to take off in large numbers, because I think most web surfers will want more features than it currently offers.

As far as web site support, I tried CFQuickDocs, and everything worked fine. I was expecting parts of the site to be nonfunctional, because Google wrote a new JS engine (dubbed V8) from the ground up, but everything works fine. I also tried Gmail, and holy crap it's fast! In Firefox on my machine, Gmail takes from 5-15 seconds to load. In Chrome, it loaded in about 1 second!

It will be interesting to see how fast JavaScript heavy sites run in Firefox 3.1, which will have a much faster JS engine dubbed TraceMonkey.

How Adobe Can Kill Silverlight: Linux

This is not my idea, but John C. Dvorak's. Microsoft is making a full frontal attack on Adobe with SilverLight. Dvorak's suggestion is that Adobe should port the full creative suite to Linux, and once that's done make a fully optimized, custom version of Linux for Adobe designers/developers. How would this hurt SilverLight? It wouldn't directly, but it could potentially take money out of Microsoft's coffers (by taking away Windows market share).


ColdFusion/MySQL security vulnerability

It is widely known that ColdFusion protects developers from string based SQL injection attacks. This is because the ColdFusion server automatically escapes single quoutes (single quotes are a common SQL injection component). However, if you are using MySQL with ColdFusion, you may want check your MySQL version and configuration. First of all, remember that using cfqueryparam will protect you from SQL injection, even from this vulnerability I am talking about.


CF Meetup presentation and code

I just finished my CF Meetup presentation, thanks to all those that were able to attend. Here are my presentation and files.

Presenting to The ColdFusion Meetup Tomorrow

I am giving a presentation to the Online CF User Group tomorrow. My topic is titled "Creatively Stop Form Spam".

If you saw my presentation last year called "Attack of the Spam Bots", tomorrow's presentation is similar to that one, but I have two new spam prevention ideas that I didn't cover last year. If you saw my presentation at CFUnited last month, I have one new spam prevention idea that I didn't cover. If you have never seen my presentation, come check it out tomorrow!

Monetizing Free Products

I have written a few times before about my belief that ColdFusion should have a few version. So I am not going to rehash my arguments again, you can find them here and here. Instead, I want to highlight a recent blog entry by Marc Cuban, who discusses the importance of offering a free version of your product. Marc Cuban is a multi-billionaire that got rich before the dot com boom, got even more rich during the dot com boom, and then kept most of his money during and after the dot com bubble burst. So it's hard to argue with his businsess sense. Not to mention, in addition to his software business successes, he owns a little team called the Dallas Mavericks. ;)


Do Computer Illiterate People Scare You?

My post title might make you believe I'm going to bash non-techies, or maybe I'm trying to be funny. But I'm dead serious. Thinking about people that don't use computers scares me. Literally. Let me explain.


Free Google Webinar

If you use Google tools for your websites, you may be interested in this free webinar that Google is offering. It will cover three of their tools for web heads:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Website Optimizer

The webinar is July 8th at 9 am Pacific time.

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