10 great AngularJS development companies

AngularJS, one of the most compelling front-end frameworks, launched in 2009 in order to build dynamic web applications. Now it is officially supported by Google, it is based on HTML and JavaScript. If you work with it or are planning to use it, you might be researching AngularJS development companies. Our goal is to help out.   

Due to Angular sound code, perfectly working in web browsers, iOS and Android devices, and editing options, many software development powerhouses use it. As for the “best AngularJS companies”, there’s clearly no such thing. Instead, we’d just like to pinpoint the 10 we like. 

10 great AngularJS development companies

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Coding Sans

From: Hungary | Founded: 2014 | Hourly rate: $49

Coding Sans is a JavaScript development company, which specializes in building web and cross-platform mobile applications. Services Coding Sans delivers AngularJS web application development, custom software development, team augmentation. 

Technology stack of the company is: frontend (AngularJS, Bootstrap, React), Backend (NodeJS, Python, Java, Redis, MongoDB, SQL, Docker, AWS), mobile app (Cordova, Ionic, Android, iOS), other tools (VS Code, GitHub, Jira, Shippable, Codeship, Heroku etc.) 

So let’s find out how Coding Sans help companies with project creation. The first example is ClipDis, that was in need of live video editor for archived videos. Each text message should be transformed into an arrangement of video clips. Using AngularJS, NodeJS, Bootstrap, Native Android, Fabric the team improved the app backend, audio synchronization, video trimming.

Rescue Dog Foundation is another example of Coding San’s work. They faced the organization and management problem of approaching rescue dog owners every needed time. Coding Sans created a full application, having two main functions: dog owners receive alerts, depending on their availability, administrators can track dog owners moving to location. 

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Moove It

From: USA | Founded: 2006 | Hourly rate: $99

Moove It is a software development company, which uses such technologies as Nginx,  AngularJS, MySQL, Postgres, Express, Koa, Hapi, Redis, Tomcat, Wildfly etc. As for Angular services they provide Angular.js development, custom software, team augmentation.

Let’s check some of the Moove It’s projects. One of them is MapRight. As a mapping service, MapRight tasked Moove It to simplify mapping process through a user-friendly  interface. Moove It redesigned MapRight mobile app mainly with the help of AngularJS, which relied on MapBox. 

As a result, MapRight users can select a base layer and add information about soils, parcels etc; choose a view, share geographic coordinates between systems. The project was built with the help of such technologies as: Java, Android, NodeJS, AngularJS, Laravel and React.

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From: USA | Founded: 1997 | Hourly rate: N/A

Imaginet is a software consulting and development company, which had already implemented more than 2,500 projects. As a Microsoft Gold Partner company offers custom web and mobile app development, power BI, Azure and SharePoint services. 

When it comes to AngularJS Imaginet provides the following services: AngularJS strategy/roadmap, Angular development and support/maintenance. Let’s take a look at some of Imaginet projects. One undisclosed startup in transportation industry was in need of web portal for their customers.

Imaginet team utilized Agile ALM to set up a web portal, with Windows Azure for booking engine. The application had also been complemented with a mobile app – via Apache Cordova framework. The whole process involved user analysis, wireframe design, high fidelity mock-ups. 

From: Poland | Founded: 2009 | Hourly rate: $99

Software Brothers is a software company, specializing in web, mobile applications and online systems development. Their team has already served over 100 projects and is truly among the top AngularJS development companies. 

SB use JavaScript-based technologies such as Angular.js, Node.js, React.js, React Native, Vue.js, Electron, etc. For proof, see one of their projects – Baikingu. It is a cloud-based point of sales system. SB delivered UX/UI design, architecture, web/desktop app, project management, customer support. 

Another project is Zbooni – a social ecommerce portal. Software Brothers created the app, that authorized business to sell products via Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. The app contains secure payments, in-depth management and multi-agent support.

From: USA | Founded: 1997 | Hourly rate: $199

Dayspring technologies is a web and mobile application development, Salesforce consulting and custom software development company. Dayspring team utilize modern toolset that includes jQuery, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Symfony, Node.js, PHP, Python, Apache,  VisualForce, APEX code. 

Let’s stop at two of their projects involving Angular. The first one is Matchwell, who wanted to become an online marketplace for medical staff. Dayspring Technologies created a custom web application, where facilitated easy conversations between nurses and hiring agencies. Technologies used: Angular, Postgres, Symphony, Heroku Connect, Twilio, Sparkpost, Campaign Monitor, Drift, Ambassador.

Another project is Listen4Good. They wanted to get constructive feedback from clients in order to improve their services. Dayspring started from brand identity, clear visual design, then constructed a user-friendly interface. WordPress CMS, Angular, SurveyMonkey API, Campaign Monitor, Salesforce Sales Cloud were used.

From: USA | Founded: 2008 | Hourly rate: $25

Semidot Infotech is a creative web design/development IT company, but also considers itself an Angular developer agency. The company has worked out 143 projects so far. They  create apps, chatbots, mobile apps, websites. We may take a look at some Semidot Infotech projects to evaluate. 

For example, Tenants Voice was in need of a dynamic website to attract clients. Semidot Infotech created it, using AngularJS for frontend and WordPress for backend. Additionally, custom e-learning module had been implemented. 

Another project is Luxury Ledger, that was aiming at a fresh website for Blockchain services. The team went with a single page design, white/black/gold colors, unique images. For functionality they applied technologies such as Solidity, Python, AngularJS, Laravel, EOS, HyperLedger.

From: USA | Founded: 1991 | Hourly rate: $49

Gersis Software is a provider of IT solutions and custom software development services with a team of over 250 specialists. The main technology stack of the company is Java enterprise systems, .NET/C#, Visual Studio, C++, Qt. 

Let’s concentrate on their projects. Softeq Affiliate Company asked Gersis Software for a custom platform for baseball players to collect personal achievements and data-driven training system. Gersis worked out a multi-user web application, which saves money and time. Each player is able to find lots of training options for himself.

From: Poland | Founded: 2000 | Hourly rate: $49

Future Processing is a web development company from Poland, with a team of about 800. They have already worked on over 500 projects in various industries. To the most popular technologies for them are .NET, Java, PHP, Node and Angular, Python, React. 

if we look at some of Future Processing projects, we can underscore FareShare. A retail company needed an app for product management in stores. A cloud-based app was designed to increase warehouse efficiency and reporting. Technology stack of the project: Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, Java 8, MYSQL, Spring Boot 1.3.8.

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From: Poland | Founded: 2002 | Hourly rate: $49

Apptension is a 50-member custom software development company, which also specializes in responsive web applications and e-commerce. With stack of Angular, React, Python, Django, PHP, Celery, Node, Unity 3D, AWS, it can be considered among the best AngularJS development companies.

Take Teamdesk project for example. A project management app was created as a replacement for a number of apps, possessing multiple features all-in-one. It enables team performance measuring, project planning, project management cycle. 

Apptension used AngularJS for common UI components, calendars and reports. Services for this project included UX/UI, branding, product development, frontend and backend development, QA.

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From: USA | Founded: 2012 | Hourly rate: $25

Matellio is a software design and development company of over 150 members. They are experts in AngularJS, Java, React, WordPress, PHP, AWS, Node.js, Predix, MongoDB, jQuery, Python, etc. The company specializes in end-to-end development services for web and mobile apps. 

Let’s take a look at their project for Brideside. Tasks were huge: personalise shopping, increase interaction, study user behavior, integrate with other platforms. Key achievements, e.g. on-time delivery and better user engagement, were, in part, possible via CakePHP, Shopify, AngularJS, Rails.

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